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Confidence, Anxiety,
Fear of flying

"I have been attending hypnotherapy sessions with Amy Semple in her cosy home studio. You can feel yourself relax from the moment you step inside. I have had 6 sessions so far which have been life changing . 

Not only has Amy successful treated my fear of flying she has also helped to greatly reduced anxiety and improve my confidence in saying no to people. Amy spends time  getting to the route of  the issues and it is obvious she spends a lot of time preparing her sessions in advance  to tailor them to your specific needs. 


I would highly recommend Amy's hypnotherapy and will remain very grateful to her".

Hypnoanalysis for anxiety, confidence and childhood trauma

"As a person suffering with severe anxiety and lack of confidence within myself, I reached a point in my life where I knew I needed help to move forward. I had already explored most areas of mental health services and then a friend suggested hypnosis. I was open to finding an alternative treatment, as I knew deep down most of my anxieties were from my childhood. I explored this option and found Amy Semple. After speaking with Amy, I went away feeling confident that I would be able to resolve most of my anxieties. She suggested we try hypnoanalysis which explores part of the mind that involves memories, the past and how I see them. 


Hypnoanalysis took me into part of my mind which made me discover where my ‘issues’ had come from. Seeing the past and allowing me to work through my emotions from that time in a safe environment – from being bullied at school, teachers, family problems and separation.  Working with Amy has helped create the less anxious person that I am today, as well as giving me confidence to explore new areas of life, including a new job and feeling more in control of life as a whole. I would certainly recommend hypnoanalysis to anyone who is needing to explore their past to help with them move forward in to the now and future. as this will help. Amy is welcoming and easy to talk to - whilst maintaining professional boundaries and confidentiality". 

Fear of spiders

"The hypnotherapy with Amy actually worked! I was stuck in my porch as lost my keys and there was a fairly big spider - I actually thought it was cute! I picked it up and put it outside.  I can't actually believe it".  

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