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Hypnotherapy, coaching and holistic counselling sessions available.  Working collaboratively, sessions are solution focused and may use a range of therapeutic approaches to help you achieve your goals. A free initial phone consultation is available to discuss your needs and agree the most effective therapy to help you achieve the changes you wish to see.

£50 per session (up to one hour)

I am a Slim via Hypnosis Certified Practitioner, offering a 4 x 1.5 hour session programme using a combination of evidence based health education, motivational coaching and hypnotherapy. ​Working collaboratively we will examine emotional/physical/​biological reasons associated with weight gain and then address any unhelpful habits to help you to reach your goals.

£245 for complete programme, including handouts and 4 supporting magazines.

Quit smoking and/or vaping using hypnosis. It is an extremely effective approach for those determined to quit smoking and just one 90 minute session is usually all that is needed to start your journey as a non smoker.  

£95 for 90 minute session. £45 for follow up session ( up to 1 hour) if required.

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