Hypnotherapy in the press

It's been a difficult year - no doubt about that. There are some positives though and one of them is the increased societal awareness of mental health and recognition that everyone has a state of mental health - some good, some less so. Despite huge advances in acknowledging mental health there does remain a stigma about sharing openly that perhaps life is not okay, or that you are struggling - it doesn't need to be something major that can knock us of track, often it can be something from our past that is niggling away, perhaps a 'manageable' fear or anxiety that if avoided, enables us to still function okay - or it could be as simple as wanting to feel better about ourselves - because sometimes we don't.

Hypnotherapy is brilliant at helping people work through these issues - from fears/phobias, increased confidence and anxiety reduction - stress or weight management - or by using hypnoanalysis to understand how our past can affect our future - and help overcome this. This is why it's fantastic to see hypnotherapy being cited in mainstream articles - reducing the myth that hypnosis is all about swinging watches and making people perform tricks. Hypnotherapy works. It is safe, faster acting than mainstream counselling and non-invasive - and you often receive extra benefits along the way such as increased relaxation and better sleep. If you're considering hypnotherapy do ensure your therapist is qualified and accredited.