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Slim via Hypnosis: a safe and healthy approach to weight loss and healthier living

Slim via Hypnosis is a transformative four session package to help you lose weight or get healthier. People are increasingly recognising the benefit of hypnotherapy as an aid to weight loss and lifestyle change. The Journal of Integrative Medicine recently published an evidence based review of seven robust studies (539 respondents) suggesting that the use of hypnotherapy not only promoted weight reduction during the treatment period but also after treatment stopped.

I have seen these results with my own clients who have consistently reduced their weight over the six-week programme – enabling them to kick start their weight loss in a safe, supportive and healthy way.

Slim via Hypnosis is an enjoyable, accessible approach that is very much led by you and focused on what you really want to happen – now and long term. Hypnotherapy itself is not a magic wand – you have to really want to lose weight or get healthier - and also be prepared to make some changes to your life to make this happen.

What hypnotherapy does do, and this is the brilliant bit, is enables a new state of mind by rooting out and eliminating triggers and/or habits buried in the subconscious. For example habits associated with emotional eating, or historic (or current!) familial/social influences on how you view and approach food - to help you change things for better.

The real power of the Slim via Hypnosis approach is that it combines hypnotherapy with health and lifestyle coaching – with the hypnotherapist also acting as a motivator working in partnership with you to achieve your goals. By using this combined approach, changes are made at a much deeper level – enabling you to build upon our work together to embed positive changes made during the six week programme.

We don’t focus on dieting – we focus on a shift in mindset to develop a healthy, safe approach to eating and activity. Our tailored sessions will include:

  • Goal setting – identifying your motivators to aid weight loss / getting healthier

  • Understanding your appetite and reasons behind your behaviours

  • Discussion on healthier eating, using evidence based information related to diet and health

  • Looking at the importance of physical activity and motivation to move more – finding out what you enjoy and it needn’t be the gym! Even small increases in activity can have a huge impact on your health, weight and wellbeing

  • Tailored hypnotherapy to focus your mind in achieving your goals and to help change your relationship with food, drink and activity

  • Building you up for continued success in the long-term

You will also receive a series of evidence-based handouts, weekly motivational magazines that complement each module and hypnotherapy recordings to listen to at home between sessions.

Cost: £245 for four 1.5 hour sessions including all resources and recordings.

Contact Amy Semple for more information:

Read the evidence:

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Published Evidence
Download PDF • 495KB


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